Northern Alaska

Puffin Rookery
Puffin Rookery by Eugene Tiulana
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Puffin Rookery with Beluga Whale
Puffin Rookery with Beluga Whales by Maurice Nattanguk
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Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane by Charles Kokuluk
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Seal Family
Seal Family by Maurice Nattonguk
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Spotted Seal
Spotted Seal by Alvin Aningayou
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The Fisherman
The Fisherman Yupik Doll by Margaret Abraham
Walrus Ivory carving of a Walrus by Ben Pungowiyi
Walrus Double Ring Spirit Mask
Walrus Double Ring Spirit Mask by Matthew Tiulana
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Walrus Ivory Hunter
Hunter by Ron Apangalook "Qay"
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Whale Bracelet
Whale Bracelet by Joe Kunnuk
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