Charles Kokuluk

Charles Kokuluk is an Inupiaq Eskimo born on King Island November 15, 1940. His parents were John Sr. and Barbara Kokuluk. Three of his brothers, Robert, John, and Hubert are also ivory carvers.

Charles recalls that in 1952 his family moved from King Island to Nome because his father wanted his family to have access to a physician. Charles moved from Nome to Anchorage in 1989.

Although Charles feels a closeness to King Island, his trips ‘home’ have been less frequent and usually occur during walrus hunting. Also, due to erosion of land, King Island is now uninhabited year-round, but former residents and their descendants often make the journey to visit this special place.

Charles is skilled in carving walrus ivory, whalebone, and soapstone. He is known primarily as an ivory carver and concentrates his efforts on carving birds. He does several varieties of geese etched with black ink and is most recognized for his snow goose depicting their blue phase. In addition, he carves several varieties of ducks and loons. Occasionally he will carve a decorated oosik.


Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane by Charles Kokuluk
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