Mary Goddard

Mary Goddard is an Alaskan Native jewelry and film artist currently living in Sitka, Alaska. Raised in Southeast Alaska, she is Tlingit, Eagle from the Brown Bear house. Mary expresses herself through crafting jewelry and also finds great joy in working with film. She spends her free time foraging for indigenous plants, as well as, harvesting and preparing natural resources for use in her jewelry, cooking and medicine making.

Mary works with a variety of materials including copper, silver, spruce roots, quill, baleen, and grass, to create contemporary jewelry. Mary hand carves, shapes and cuts selected materials using traditional formline design as well as realism to create each one of her unique pieces. When formline elements are not present, she enjoys using traditional materials as a way to shape pieces that still voice her culture. Many of her pieces have spruce root woven into them. She works thoughtfully to capture and honor her Tlingit heritage while creating pieces that are relatable and understandable. Although she may repeat a certain design, each piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind. She delights in creating heirloom pieces that are unique to an individual.

Mary is grateful to her mother, Jennie Wheeler, a skin/fur sewer and a basket weaver, for teaching her about Tlingit culture and supporting all her artistic endeavors. Mary also credits Master Carver Dave Galanin for sharing his jewelry making skills and techniques.

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