Mark Sixbey

Mark Sixbey is a Northwest Coast carver from Metlakatla, Alaska. A member of the Tsimshian Wolf Clan (Laxgibuu), Mark began his artistic training in school learning the fundamentals of formline design, sculpture and carver’s tool making under the guidance of master carver Jack Hudson.

He served in the Marine Corps from 2002-2006, with two deployments to Operation Iraqi Freedom as a field reporter for Department of Defense television and newsprint and received an honorable discharge. Mark began carving small totem poles during his service using carving knives and small blocks of alder wood sent to him by his parents.

Mark moved back to Alaska in 2007 spending a year working as a classroom aide with Jack Hudson in the Metlakatla High School Tsimshian Arts program. He now lives in Sitka where he teaches formline design as an adjunct professor at University of Alaska Southeast.

Mark is known for his finely carved and painted Northwest Coast masks and small totem poles. His work is featured in galleries, museum collections and as public art in buildings throughout Southeast Alaska. The University of Washington Bothell Library collection features three of Mark’s pieces: two masks and a miniature totem pole.

Carved Eagle Design Bentwood Box
Carved Eagle Design Bentwood Box by Mark Sixbey
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Eagle/Sun Bentwood Box
Eagle/Sun Bentwood Box by Mark Sixbey
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