Allie High

Allie High is a Tsimshian Raven, Haida and Aleut. Her family is from Metlakatla, Alaska and Masset, British Columbia. Allie received a master's degree from the University of Texas and a bachelor's degree in art education from the University of Oregon. She has taught art in the public schools, in universities in Alaska and Louisiana, and has been an artist-in-residence as well as an instructor for several museums throughout the country.

Beginning in 1984, Allie apprenticed with Tsimshian master carver Jack Hudson. The first time she saw one of Jack’s masks and held it in her hands she knew that she wanted to carve. Allie is particularly drawn to carving the subtleties of women's faces.

Allie's designs and carvings are inspired by her physical proximity to the ocean and forest. There is so much to anticipate in the return of the killer whales, her Grandfather's clan, and the otters as they come to play in the beach inlet. Allie also finds inspiration through the reading of Northwest Coast mythology. The Raven myths are among the favorite bedtime stories that she reads to her son.

Throughout they years, Allie challenged herself and broadened her knowledge taking classes with Tlingit master carver Nathan Jackson, Quinault/Isleta-Pueblo contemporary artist Marvin Oliver, artist and art historian Bill Holm, master Haida weaver Delores Churchill and artist and art historian Steve Brown.

Allie’s work may be found in the collections of Alaska Airlines, the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, the United States Department of Agriculture, Alaska State Parks and numerous personal collections. She is also noted for the masks she created for Northwest Coast Indian Theater presentations.
"Bella" by Allie High
Brown E. Bear
"Brown E. Bear" by Allie High
"Courage" by Allie High
Evening Star
"Evening Star" by Allie High
"Foxy" by Allie High
"Grace" by Allie High
Little Pino
"Little Pino" by Allie High
Moonlight Fawn
"Moonlight Fawn" by Allie High
Ninilchik Tale
"Ninilchik Tale" by Allie High
Our Land Haa aani' a'gal
"Our Land Haa aani' a'gal" by Allie High
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