Cindy Beck

Cindy Beck creates traditional and contemporary Northwest Coast art. She was born in Ketchikan, Alaska and is Haida of the Raven clan. Her Native heritage comes from her mother who is from Haida Gwaii and her maternal great great grandfather, a Chief of the Haida Nation Canada.

A fascination and love of art has always been a part of Cindy’s life, drawing on paper and painting on canvas. She began her study of Northwest Coast Native and totemic art in 2010. Her artwork is deeply influenced by the mythology of the Northwest Coast peoples whom believed that in the beginning all living things shared the world in a state of equality and mutual understanding.

Separated from her biological family at an early age, she spent most of her life away from Alaska. In 2012, her family found her and a reunion took place in Seattle. It was a life-changing day and one she will always cherish. Her newfound brother, Charlie Beck, a Northwest Coast Native artist, added to her knowledge of her cultural history, showing her the distinctive elements of formline design and a traditional way of painting.

Cindy’s art has been exhibited in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Seattle and Ketchikan and is in numerous private collections.
"Eagle In Flight"
"Eagle in Flight" painting by Cindy Beck
Blueberry Bears Drum
"Blueberry Bears" Drum by Cindy Beck
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Butterfly Drum
"Butterfly" Drum by Cindy Beck
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Lovebirds Drum
"Lovebirds" Drum by Cindy Beck
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Wolf and the Moon Drum
"Wolf and the Moon" Drum by Cindy Beck
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