Blaz A. Horne

Born and raised in Metlakatla, Alaska, Blaz A. Horne, 33, has been expanding his interest in Native art and artistic skills for 17 years. His creative endeavors include painting on canvas, airbrush painting, as well as etching and studying Northwest Coast carving and design. Blaz apprenticed under Tsimshian master carver Jack Hudson developing his personal style and carving techniques. Rather than use a paintbrush, at times, Blaz employs his carving knife to define texture, a treatment that gives his work a special, subtle quality.

Blaz’s current work includes carved and painted male and female masks (both wearable and displayed as wall pieces), plaques, spoons, paddles, and bowls. He has carved frames for his paintings and has even created unique hair ornaments.

Blaz is a fisherman as well as an artist and enjoys family time with his wife and son.

Moon Mask with Eagle
Moon Mask with Eagle by Blaz A. Horne
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