Leroy Barlip III

Leroy Barlip III was born in Glennallen, Alaska and raised in the Indian village of Gulkana. Leroy is noted for his Alaska Native Ulu knives. His Athabascan mother passed along an appreciation of Native art and crafts that inspires him to create these beautiful and useful tools. Leroy travels throughout Alaska from Point Barrow to Wainwright and the Yukon to the Aleutian Islands in search of moose, deer and caribou horn to make the handles of his knives.Alaska Natives hunt caribou for food, they also use the antler, hide and other parts so that there is very little waste when finished.

Each of Leroy's Ulus features a handle made of antler with walrus ivory caps on each end as decoration. The cutting blades are made from fine steel. They are extremely sharp, and excellent cutting tools. His knives come with an antler stand for display when not in use. Each of Leroy’s Ulus is one of a kind and he puts his heart into every piece.

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