Gary Sockpick

Gary Sockpick is an Iñupiaq Eskimo born in 1968 in Nome, Alaska.  He spent his early years in both Nome and Shishmaref learning how to carve from his father Davis Sockpick and from his grandfather Teddy Sockpick, a renowned ivory carver known for his scrimshaw miniatures of wildlife, landscapes, and subsistence activities. Under their guidance, he started carving small earrings and pendants when he was only twelve years old. Sockpick is now recognized for his traditional Shishmaref style of carving fossilized whalebone masks and figures.

Gary currently resides in Shishmaref, a community one hundred miles north of Nome. The land spit where Shishmaref is located has been under assault from stormy seas in recent years and has been rapidly eroding. However, the tightknit small community continues to survive and live a subsistence lifestyle.


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