Amy Edgars

Amy Edgars
Surrounded by Old Massett’s argillite carving community, Amy Edgars began carving at the age of eight. Inspired by her father to pursue the ancient art of argillite carving, she committed to the craft full-time at the age of 16. Amy says that the number one reason why she loves to carve is because she gets to hang out with her dad every day.

Being one of a few Haida women argillite carvers has never stopped Amy from experiencing all of the traditional aspects of working with argilite. With a true appreciation for what she's carving, Amy partakes in the hard work of journeying to the only source of this kind of argillite in the world – Slatechuck Mountain- a secluded place near the town of Skidegate on Graham Island in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. It is time-consuming and difficult work gathering stones and packing them out, requiring different modes of transportation across varying landscapes.

Amy’s argillite carvings can be found in collections around the world. From the time visitors from Holland purchased her second and third carvings, she realized that people were interested in her work and it gave her courage to continue.

Amy also enjoys mentoring Old Massett’s younger population and has taught carving skills at George M. Dawson Secondary School and at Mount Moresby Adventure camp. When younger carvers come to her father's carving space for advice he directs them to Amy.

With carefully crafted goals for the future, Amy shares her ambition to carve in new mediums, including silver, gold and wood.

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