Tim Alowa

Tim Alowa was born to Nelson and Annie Alowa on January 16, 1946, in the village of Savoonga on St. Lawrence Island. He is a Siberian Yupik Eskimo (Yupiuqukut – Yupik or real people – Yuk means person or human being and Pik means real or genuine).

Tim is very active in subsistence hunting and often hunts with his brothers, Julius and Roland. He enjoys all aspects of the subsistence lifestyle. He hunts seals, walrus, and birds. Tim also enjoys fishing and, like most people of St. Lawrence Island, looks forward to the spring whale hunt. In late spring and early summer, he seeks out Murre eggs from the bird rookeries located on steep cliffs on the island. When time allows, Tim also looks for old ivory buried around ancient village sites. Sometimes it washes up on the beaches after major storms.

Tim is an accomplished carver of walrus ivory. He is primarily known for his whimsical polar bears, creating them in a variety of sizes.

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