Susie Brown

The late Susie Brown (July 16, 1914 – August 15, 1999) was born in Eek, Alaska, a small village located south of Bethel, Alaska. Eek is located along the Eek river that flows into the Kuskokwim providing access to most surrounding villages by boat or during the winter months travel by dog sled or snow machine on the trails that connect the small communities of the region. Susie grew up living the traditional subsistence lifestyle of the area.

Susie is a recognized Alaska Native artist and doll maker. Her work is featured in the book, "Eskimo Dolls", edited by Susie Fair and published by the Alaska State Council on the Arts in 1982. She enjoyed creating “doll families” placing relatives together in traditional Yup’ik everyday scenes. Her work is old-style featuring carved willow wood faces, handmade fur parkas crafted from seal, rabbit, muskrat, wolf and mink and decorated with extensive beaded detail. Today her dolls are much sought after and a rarity in the marketplace.


Handcrafted Doll Family by Susie Brown
Handcrafted Doll Family by Susie Brown
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