Qiveut (pronounced kiv-ee-ute) is the soft underdown from the Musk Ox. This 800lb. hairy buffalo-looking animal once roamed the Arctic regions of the world and was almost hunted to extinction by the 1800's. The Musk Ox is actually a member of the goat family. In order to gather the Qiveut and study the Musk Ox the animals are raised on farms - although they are not easily domesticated. The Musk Ox naturally shed their Qiveut once a year in the spring. The best way to gather the fiber is for the animals to be run into a stall and combed out by hand. Each Musk Ox will yield approximately 5-7 pounds of raw qiveut.

After the fiber is gathered, you then begin the process of cleaning, dehairing, and spinning. The qiveut is processed in the cashmere factories. The factory must close and clean out the machines from its cashmere operation in order to process the qiveut. This process of gathering, cleaning, dehairing, and spinning can take up to several years to get yarn ready for designing.

The Musk Ox can be found only in the northern regions such as Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway and a few are in Russia. There are approximately five small farms in the world, three in Alaska, one in Canada, and one in Norway.Three of these farms are affliated with a University research project in order to learn more about the Musk Ox.

Qiveut is highly desired by people all over the world because of its lightweight and extremely high warmth as well as its cloud-softness. Being so light in weight qiveut has a very elegant drape. If someone were to put a touch of qiveut fiber in your hand with your eyes closed you wouldn't feel the fiber touch your hand. It is truly cloud soft! Qiveut is eight times warmer than wool and is proven to be the softest fiber in the world.
Qiveut Scarves
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