Myles Edgars

Myles Edgars, Haida, is a skilled argillite carver. He was born in 1958 in Queen Charlotte City, Haida Gwaii (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands) to Haida parents Jimmy and Minnie Edgars. Myles started carving at the age of thirteen when his father gave him a piece of argillite and told him to make use of it and not waste it. Myles found working with the black slate stone very gratifying, connecting him to his ancestors and the Haida tradition of carving argillite. His main influences have been his brother-in-law Haida carver Steven Collinson and Donald Edgars, his cousin. Myles learned to make his own tools from Haida carver Richard Yeltatzie (a promising young Haida artist who passed away tragically in a plane crash in 1974).

Myles continues to make Haida Gwaii his home and artistic inspiration. Developing a personal and distinctive style as an argillite carver, he uses traditional Haida formline design, symbols and myths to create small carvings, primarily pendants, that have impressed argillite enthusiasts and collectors all over the world. He is passing on his skills to the next generation of Haida argillite carvers and takes pride in knowing that his works of art and his role as a mentor continue the Haida tradition and support the growth and evolution of Haida art and artists. Myles signs his art either as Myles Edgars or Miles Edgars.

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