Larry Mayac

Larry Mayac is an Iñupiaq walrus ivory carver from King Island, Alaska. Larry started carving ivory when he was 13 years old under the guidance of his father, George, and grandmother, Theresa Mayac.

The Mayac Family is one of the best-known ivory carving families in Alaska. Originally from King Island, Alaska, they have gained an international reputation for their realistic walrus ivory carvings of arctic birds. Passed on for generations, the Mayac family ivory carving tradition originated in Nome where Peter Mayac traveled with other villagers to sell his fish. They all would pass the time carving ivory next to their beached boats until their fish were sold. Today Larry, along with his brother Fred and cousins Al and Ted Jr. are carvers whose attention to detail, carving each feather and meticulously painting each one, has made their work sought after by collectors around the world. 

When not working on the Alaska pipeline, Larry devotes his time to carving ivory. Arctic and common loons are his specialty. However, his work also includes beautifully sculpted humpback, sperm and bowhead whales as well as an occasional puffin.



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