Julius Alowa

Julius Alowa is a Siberian Yupik Eskimo born in Savoonga on St. Lawrence Island November 28, 1941. Julius, like most of the men of his generation, is very much involved in the subsistence lifestyle. He hunts seals, walrus, whales and birds. He also gathers Murre eggs from the cliffs around the island. During the short summer season, he digs for old ivory which he often carves or uses as bases for his carvings.

When his walrus ivory is cured, he carves a variety of animals and scenes. He is most noted for his carved walrus and seals, but occasionally he carves dog teams mounted on tusks with scalloped edges. Julius also does a wonderful representation of a scene where an Eskimo hunter is confronting a seal.

Julius’ house in Savoonga is often sought as a rental by state and federal officials. In this manner, Julius is often able to supplement his income in an economy where cash flow can be severely short.

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