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Handcrafted Doll Family by Susie Brown

Handcrafted Doll Family by Susie Brown
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Handcrafted Doll Family
willow, fur, beads, yarn
10"h x 9.5"w x 3"d

This handcrafted family of dolls was created by the late Susie Brown. The heads are carved from willow and the fur parkas are made from seal, rabbit, muskrat, wolf and mink with exquisitely hand-beaded designs. The group of four dolls are engaged in a subsistence activity and the father carries a fur seal home from the hunt.  Susie, a Yupik Eskimo from Eek, Alaska, was a renowned doll maker.  These delightful dolls are a rare find and would be a remarkable addition to any doll collection.

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