Thomas Booth

Thomas Booth, Tsimshian, was born in 1975 and raised in Metlakatla, Alaska. He attended Metlakatla High School studying Northwest Coast Native formline design and carving with Jack Hudson, Tsimshian Master Carver. Thomas took six years of classes from Hudson before he began to carve for a living.

Thomas is passionate about keeping alive his Tsimshian cultural heritage through his artwork. Tsimshian society is originally matrilineal with descent traced through the female line and belonging to one of four phratries (tribes or totems): Raven, Wolf, Eagle or Killer Whale. Thomas’ designs and completed works usually represent one Tsimshian phratry. He especially enjoys carving panels, spoons and paddles and every work is one of a kind, finely detailed and meticulously painted, using copper and/or abalone shell to accent his designs. Each piece is created from Thomas’ heart and soul.

Raven Spirit Panel
Raven Spirit Panel by Thomas Booth
Wolf Spirit Panel
Wolf Spirit Panel by Thomas Booth