Kelly Michaelsen

Kelly Michaelsen, an Alaska Native artist, was born November of 1988 in Metlakatla, Alaska. Metlakatla is a small community located on Annette Island, Alaska, 17 miles southwest of Ketchikan, Alaska. He is one of three children whose Tsimshian lineage is traced through his mother from the eagle clan and his father from the wolf clan.

Kelly is primarily a self-taught carver. He has received some formal training from Tsimshian master carver Jack Hudson. Each carver develops his/her own style. Kelly continues to grow his skills working along side of accomplished Tsimshian carvers Dale Horne, Kevin Horne, Tom Booth and John Hudson.

Each of Kelly’s pieces is one-of-a-kind, hand-carved and painted.
Eagle Totem Pole
Eagle totem pole