Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson is a member of the “Gitnachangeek” tribe of the Coastal Tsimshian Indians from British Columbia, Canada. In 1887, a large group of Tsimshian Indians migrated from Canada to settle at “New” Metlakatla in southern Southeast Alaska. Jack was born in 1936 and is a member of the Wolf Clan as well as a direct descendant of John and Mary Hudson, two of the earliest pioneers of Metlakatla, Alaska.

Jack has been artistic since grade school, but was not exposed to Northwest Coast Native Art until 1965. It was a desire to learn more about his Tsimshian culture that led him to combine his artistic skill with his heritage. Today, Jack is a master carver specializing in the Tsimshian style. With the same intensity that Hudson works in the traditional mediums, he also depicts the coastal Tsimshian art and legends through silkscreen prints. The result is some of the finest Native art found today, sought by serious collectors both nationally and internationally.

Ceremonial Eagle Drum
Eagle Ceremonial Drum