Herman Peter

Herman Peter, Tsimshian, was born January 10, 1954, south of Ketchikan, Alaska, on Kuper Island (renamed Penelakut Island in 2010 in honor of the Penelakut First Nation people) located in the southern Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Herman has always been surrounded in the rich cultural heritage of his birth. Affiliated with the Coast Salish nation, he learned traditional woodcarving from his nephew, Glenn Edwards of Vancouver Island. Most noted for his red and yellow cedar wood plaques, Peter has established a refined and sophisticated personal carving style incorporating his original Northwest Coast Native designs representing either eagle, raven, killer whale, wolf or bear into his work. His work is precise and displays the bright rich color combinations that are characteristic of the art his people.

Eagle Plaque
Eagle Plaque by Herman Peter
Killer Whale Plaque
Killer Whale Plaque by Herman Peter
Raven Plaque
Raven Plaque by Herman Peter