Owl Drum
Owl Drum by Cindy Beck
Salmon Design Bentwood Box
Salmon Design Bentwood Box by Dennis Allen
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Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane by Charles Kokuluk
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Seal Pin/Pendant
Seal Pin/Pendant - Mammoth Ivory by Mary Mueller
Spotted Seal
Spotted Seal by Alvin Aningayou
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The Fisherman
The Fisherman Yupik Doll by Margaret Abraham
Thunderbird and Beaver Totem Pole
Thunderbird and Beaver Totem Pole by Jack Stogan
Thunderbird Totem Pole
Thunderbird Totem Pole by Larry Rudick
Walrus Ivory carving of a Walrus by Ben Pungowiyi
Walrus Ivory Hunter
Hunter by Ron Apangalook "Qay"
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